Gabbanelli TexMex Button Accordion - 34 treble / 12 bass buttons

One comment about air buttons on 3-row accordions:  The factory opening is far too small for anyone who expects to perform with the instruments.  This is true for all makes of 3-rows I have ever encountered.  When I get a new (or used) 3-row, one of the first things I do is plan to increase the dimensions of the intake port by a factor of 2 or 3x.  To make the modification, I first custom make an over-sized air valve and then draw the outline of the large valve at the location of the existing air vent.  Then I use a suitable slow-speed drill bit to make overlapping holes that all fit inside the outlined valve space.  I use hand tools to carve out the circle "points" left from making the holes, and sand the inside edges of the opening to reduce unwanted turbulence and the noise it would produce.  Those TexMex hotdogs who sacrifice all the bass reeds can open as many vent holes as they can get their fingers and hands to cover.  A 3-row accordion with 3 reed sets requires a huge volume of air, and the factory vent opening offers so much resistance, you have to spend half of your energy fighting the Venturi effect.  I completely understand performers who give up the bass reeds, but I would be lost without them.  \korbo
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