Cajun Button Accordion - 10 treble / 2 bass buttons
Builder: John Rogers

Here are some photos of the outside and inside of my John Rogers Cajun brand C accordion.  These photos are intended to show the quality and characteristics of the workmanship on these accordions.  Note that it seems to be common to glue the reed blocks into LA-made cajun-style accordions.  This is quite different from the European approach which mounts reed plates on removable reed blocks that are held in place by clamping brackets.  The European method facilitates tuning and maintenance.  Draw your own conclusions.  Although I acknowledge that the design and mechanisms of this and like instruments are not as "handy" as the European, I am well satisfied with the rich twangy punch and the quick action of this instrument.  Also, it is quite pretty to hold and look at.  \korbo
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